2018 Winter Olympics

Isabella Rivera, Staff Writer

The Winter Olympics returned! February 8th through February 25th, the Winter Olympics were aired in Pyeongchang, South Korea, to showcase the amazing spo
rts and athletes of the winter. These men and women from 92 countries competed in this year’s Olympics in a multitude of sports. These sports include curling, alpine skiing, and bobsled. The amazing athletes from all around the world showcased their amazing talents. The Olympics concluded on February 25th, and the United States won a total of 23 medals; concluding in coming in fourth for the most medals won of any country represented at the Games.

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This year’s Winter Olympics was a great year for the United States. While we weren’t the number one country with the most medals, the showing by American athletes was pretty impressive! First place, winning the most medals, was Norway at 39 medals. Germany was close with 31 medals and earning them second place. Canada came in third with 29 medals earned. The Winter Olympics ended strong, and the closing ceremony was a show of amazement.

While at the Olympics, viewers have witnessed some amazing sights, like Chloe Kim. Chloe Kim was born on March 23, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA. She is an amazing snowboarder who won gold– and she’s only 17! She is truly a great athlete and will be remembered as being an amazing snowboarder that conquered the Olympics as a teenager.

Now that the Games have concluded, Pyeongchang can be added to the list of countries in which have held the Winter Olympics. Even though the United States didn’t come in first for winning the most medals, the athletes have shown their amazing talents and made their fellow Americans proud of what they have done.