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Man With Connections to the Holocaust Comes to HMS

Jeff Zeiger teaches eighth graders about kindness and hope

On April 12th, Jeff Zeiger, the son of a Holocaust survivor, came to Hammonton Middle School to talk to the 8th graders about his family and their relationship to the Holocaust. The eighth graders have been reading the novel Refugee in their ELA classes. This book follows multiple characters and their journeys through war, crisis, and disaster. Mr. Zeiger was here to explain his side of a similar story. His family grew up in a small village in Poland that is now part of Ukraine. He had a neighbor, Anton, who was considered odd because he practiced Christianity and was a vegan. This man, Anton, ended up saving his family members by allowing them to hide out on his property. In addition to allowing them to hide there, he also fed and looked out for them. Anton endured many questions and talks with authorities asking if he was hiding people in his house. Zeiger’s presentation had one main message: Do not judge others for their differences.


Many students really took this to heart and learned a thing or two from Mr. Zieger’s incredible speech. One student states, “He reminds us that it is important to not judge people and to remember to be kind.” Zeiger has left a lasting impression on the eighth graders by teaching them important lessons on survival, kindness, and hope.

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