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An Illusion of What Once Was

An Illusion of What Once Was

57 instantly spun around and took off, venturing far into an empty void..that was until she realized she was sinking, ever so slowly. Her hands went to grip the edges of the hole, but grip she could not, for the surface was made of sand. 

“Uhhhh…down the pit you go? I don’t want to get you back…” #1 sighs, “fine! I guess I’ll get you!” She jumps down the pit angrily. 

57 screeched as she neared the ground, falling onto the hard concrete flooded with sand, “Ack…it’s in my eyes..and my mouth!” She quickly spit it out, dizzily standing, “My visions all blurry..” As she touched the top of her head, a thick black coating of oil on her fingers, “What the %%@%$..?”

#1 fell gracefully unlike the junior laying on the floor. “We kind of just gave you more oil and you’re already bleeding it out all over the floor! How responsible you are.” she says sarcastically. “Ugh my poor hair got oil on it….”

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“You expect me to take a fall from the high and not crack my head ope–” 57 felt a small crack along her forehead, “sugar..!”

“If I can do it, so can you. Now get up and start climbing; this will take around…3 hours perhaps?” #1 said. She looked as if she had no sympathy for the ‘bleeding’ out girl on the floor. Actually, she felt worse for herself; she is the one who went down for her! Why should she be feeling sympathy for someone who put her in this horrible place!

“Up there..? No way, that’s impossible! Especially in this state..I feel so sick..” 57 groaned. 

“Sure sure…” she rolled her eyes, “I did it before so you will too. It’s not that hard!” The girl stuck her tongue out and started to climb at an atrocious speed. “Ciao!”

“WAIT!” 57 cried out in agony, trying to scale her way up the sand walls after #1, the pain in her head pounding and clouding her thoughts. “Ngh…ugh…I can’t see..! Wait up..” 57 muttered weakly and pitifully.

“Yoohoo!” 1 shouted from what sounded a very long distance. “Where art thou? Slacking?”

She panted as she arose from the long wall, grasping the rough terrain beneath her hands to pull herself forward, “Gah…ugh..finally..why didn’t you wait for me, lady” 57 yelled out in a fit of rage and exhaustion, “I can’t even feel my bones! Your odd ways of.. ‘life’ or whatever this is, is messing with me!”

“I dunno, this aint my choice to bring you here! Now shut up before I throw a rock at you!” she shouted. A light could now be seen by 57! Was she getting closer? Her eyes narrowed as she tried to make out the light before her, crawling towards it. 57 could see the light getting bright and bright and brighter until it did not. She was finally at the top, but the infirmary looked different now. Was this even the infirmary? she questioned. The beeping and white beds were all gone; the curtains now wide open. 

She squinted her eyes as she lay down comfortably, an overwhelming tiredness flowing over 57’s body. She went limp once more, and fell into a deep slumber. It was now dark, so dark in fact she did not want to move. A comforting silence surrounded her almost as the whole world loved her silently. She tuned out all other noises that she actually heard, and finally she stopped breathing, stopped thinking, and stopped living. 

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