Book Reivew: Pictures of Hollis Woods

Lili DeJesus, Staff Writer

April 16, 2018

Patricia Reilly Griff's novel, Pictures of Hollis Woods, is about a foster child who runs away from house to house-- even if she enjoys the family she is placed with.  Hollis is a troublemaker with a love for art. Her new foster par...

Fortnite Frenzy

Fortnite Frenzy

March 26, 2018

The Hobbit: Is It For You?

Abby Baines, Staff Writer

March 19, 2018

Since mid-January, Mrs. Palladino’s seventh grade enrichment language arts class has been reading the Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. The Hobbit was published in 1937, and is considered “The greatest fantasy epic of our time.” Th...

The Life of Obie Bermudez

Lili DeJesus, Staff Writer

March 12, 2018

A Puerto Rican singer and Grammy award winner, Obie Bermudez, has a life filled with remarkable events.  At first, Bermudez began dreaming himself as a singer around age 8. He started watching music videos which inspired him...

Let the Creativity Flow

Sydney Reed and Isabella Rivera

January 4, 2017

There are many ways to "let your creativity flow" at HMS! Some of the clubs that are currently available at HMS include: Fantasy Football, Math, Kindle, Music Technology, TV/ Media, Photo, Robotics, Swagr, and Video Game Design...

Meeting Shawn Mendes at The Mann Center.

The Night of My Life

December 14, 2016

The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair

Kylee Vaughn and Gabby Vignola

December 22, 2015

The drama club students have been busy preparing for their first play of the season: The Absolutely Insidious and Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair. The first thing we love about this play is the great title. Also, what...

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