Kidz-Bop Isn’t Really a Bop at All 


Siena Ezzi, Staff Writer

Kidz-Bop is a very popular group made of kids that takes more explicit songs and makes them family friendly. Kidz-Bop has been around since 2001, with over 21 million albums sold. I interviewed some peers on their view of Kidz-Bop, here are their responses. 

I first asked one student what they thought of the word selection. She replied with, “I think the word choices are very dumb. It’s kind of sad how Kidz-Bop can’t even say the word bad in some cases.” She thinks that Kidz-Bop should be more open with some of the words in their songs.

I then asked another student If they would prefer for adults to put out cleaner versions, or for Kidz-Bop to keep producing their remakes. She answered with, “I would much rather have the original singers make a cleaner version. I get that Kidz-Bop is good for little kids, but if I had kids, I wouldn’t let them grow up with Kidz-Bop.” This shows how she thinks that Kidz-Bop isn’t exposing kids to enough real music.

Lastly, I interviewed one of my friends out of school. I asked her what she thought and she responded, “I think their voices are kind of annoying, and they make my ears hurt.” I think she is trying to say that Kidz-Bop needs to sing more “in-tune.”

To sum it up, Kidz-Bop might not be as good for older kids as it is for younger kids.