2023 HMS Spring Break; is it too short?

2023 HMS Spring Break; is it too short?

Siena Ezzi, Staff Writer

Spring break is approaching, and that means blooming flowers, bees, warm weather, and of course, the infamous Spring Break! Though, this year the break is rather short, with a half day on Friday, which then shifts into the weekend. Some may agree with this shortened break, while others may not. I asked some of my peers for their views on the topic, and got my answers!

I started by asking 7th grader, Lily Tower, if the breaks bothered her. She replied, “Yes! Because if we’ve had it long for so long,” She argued, “why are we changing it now?” Lily is clearly irritated by the change in schedule, and wishes Spring Break was the same length as it always is. I then asked Lily if she would prefer no break in November, to have a longer spring break. She responded with, “No. I feel like you would need that longer week. It gives your mind a break,” She continued. “Even if it isn’t that long it still helps.” Lily exclaimed that even if that break in November isn’t too long, it’s a nice refresher for your brain.

Mia Evangelista, a fellow writer for the HMS press was asked, if she could, would she lengthen spring break? She answered with, “No, I would not lengthen the Spring Break. This pushes back the summer break, and I would rather have a longer summer break than spring because of the diversity in entertainment.”

Evangelista argued that summer is more open to fun activities and such, so she would rather have a longer time to try out those activities. I then asked her if she would prefer a longer spring break this year, or next year. Her response was, “I would prefer a longer spring break next year because next year I’d be disappointed instead of this year. Future is better than the present, apparently.” She explained that she would rather put a longer break and shorter summer on her future self. 

Even though everyone’s view on the shortened spring break may be different, it is still a sign that summer is approaching! So, go enjoy the cold while you still can, because spring is upon us!