Student Council: Penny Wars Turnout & Dodge Hunger Update


Michael McShane, Staff Writer

Penny Wars is one of the most important start-of-the-year events because it helps a good cause: The Hammonton Cancer Foundation. The Penny Wars are a battle between grades 6, 7, and 8  and we saw some amazing competition between the grades. The inside scoop is that the total money raised was $775.71! Coming in first is 8th grade raising the most with $392.48, 6th grade in second with $236.83, and 7th with an impressive $146.40. It’s amazing what we can do here at HMS! The Pink Out that happened on Thursday had all students of HMS wearing pink anything to raise awareness to breast cancer.

The next Student Council sponsored event is the annual HMS Food Drive. The winning class of this competition will determine who faces off in Dodge Hunger, a school-wide dodge ball game that pits the students against the teachers. Good luck grades with the food drive!