Lip Sync Idol: HMS Style

Sophia Pullia, Staff Writer

Many students enjoy the Hammonton Middle School Lip Sync Idol. The Lip Sync is an event where students prepare a trophy-worthy dance routine, accompanied with the group or student lip syncing the song(s). Judges vote for the act that makes them spring off their seats, followed by the thunderous roar of their clapping. The judges look for the most intriguing song, dance, and if the student is actually mouthing the words of the song(s). The judges this year were: Barbra Berenato, Kelly Fallon, Joe Giralo, John Lyons, and Brooke Sacco. Also, the MC,  Mrs. Goblirsch, was absolutely over-the-top amazing. Generally there are three winning spots for a group to win: first, second, and third. Mr. Gollihur’s Crew took first, the Girls Run the World group took second, and Born This Way took third. In my opinion, all the acts were so great they deserved more than a trophy.

The Experience

As one of the performers, I want to do the Lip Sync Idol every year. The experience of being involved in the Lip Sync is above phenomenal. I loved the feeling of being up on stage with my friends, and the sunshine golden spotlights shining on my face. I’m sure other performers would agree. People might say it’s intimidating, but it truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Teacher Acts

I am also one of the many students and/or people who loved the opening act,which included the school resource officer, Officer Santora, Principal, Dr. Nolan, and Vice Principal, Mr. Clements. They dressed up as characters from the movie Coco while doing a creative dance routine. Also, the ending act was amazing! Teachers participated by dressing up as either pink ladies or T- birds from to perform a mix of songs from the movie, Grease.  

From the my experience as a performer, to watching the teacher acts, the Lip Sync couldn’t be better!

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