Crawling Critters


The scene of the Great Ant Escapade.

Yesvi Patel, Staff Writer

In a normal locker at HMS you’d expect: books, binders, pencils, and ants….ANTS!?!? In the sixth grade hallway, in mid-April students found ants crawling in the bottom of their lockers. Knowing that there are ants in your locker is really gross– especially if you hate bugs (like me)! More than one-third of students in one row of lockers in the E-wing complained about this issue. Some students took all of their things out of their locker and carried their backpacks for days to avoid the little bugs. Imagine carrying a backpack stuffed with the contents of your entire locker. Talk about a workout! Some students have to face more problems because some teachers don´t let students bring book bags, so what are you able to do then? 

In my opinion, I think that the school should be more aware of situations like this one and have an exterminator out immediately. Also, students need to be held accountable. Clean out your locker so it’s free of old candy wrappers and leftover sandwiches. I hope the students in the future that are entering Middle School don’t face this disgusting problem and are ant free (including me)!!!