The Big Bad Issue…Should We Chew Gum In Class?

The Big Bad Issue...Should We Chew Gum In Class?

Jane Azuonwu, Staff Writer

When was the last time you got in trouble for chewing gum in class, was it today, yesterday, or even 3 years ago? Nevertheless, chewing gum is a huge issue for almost every single school the has enforced the “no gum” policy. For example, yesterday I got a lunch detention for chewing gum in class while taking the test. In my opinion, it’s an unfair rule! Statistics have shown that chewing gum helps your brain think more, leading to doing better on test and quizzes. Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t love to get an A on a test? Yesterday, 7th grade Spanish teacher Mr. Finizio told my Spanish class that the reason the rule was even enforced was because students used to stick the gum under desk and create a mess… 20 years ago! Times have changed, and students have matured, and I believe that as middle school students we are old enough to be able to chew gum during classes.

First and foremost, chewing gum helps students during class by reducing hunger cravings and fidgeting, also it helps students concentrate more on test and quizzes. According to the website, “Chewing gum during class and while doing homework can possibly improve studying and academic performance. Gum likely reduces stress and enhances concentration.

Craig Johnston, Ph.D., an instructor of pediatrics-nutrition at the Baylor College of Medicine, conducted a study in 2009 and asked half of 108 eighth grade students to chew gum during math classes, while doing homework, and during standardized tests. The other half didn’t chew gum during these times. Gum-chewing students did better on standardized math tests than those who didn’t, and their final math grades were also better.” This shows that in an experiment kids our age did better on the standardized test because they were chewing gum, and it helped them concentrate.

If everyone’s always so worried about their kids earning good grades, then why would you miss out on an opportunity to help them do well? It’s so simple and only costs 50 cents to two dollars. In my opinion, this is one of the most safe and effective ways to boost your grades. Let us chew gum! All in all, there’s no real harm in chewing gum, only the fears of the past.