Renaissance Reward Day: Crack the Code

Michael McShane, Staff Writer

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With the 2nd Renaissance Reward Day coming up, I wanted to talk about the “Crack the Code” Renaissance Day event. From my point of view, it was a normal day until the intercom said, “All students with a Renaissance card, please report to the auditorium”, so I went down there. Once I walked in, I saw a couple of screens and a pillar on the stage. I sat down and waited until the event started and when it did the presenters explained that we would be put into teams and we would receive a random code that we had to solve. First team to get it would win. The person who typed in the code would even get a gift! The game worked where every time someone put in a code, they were told if one was correct, correct but in the wrong place, or wrong altogether. It was very fun, and although I didn’t win, I still had a good time. The next Renaissance event is trip to the movies to see Playing with Fire. Since I have a Renaissance card, I’m excited because I’ll be able to go. Warning, after the movie I will be posting a review of with some SPOILERS.