Teachers and Students Face Off in a Game of Dodge ball

Lili DeJesus, Staff Writer

At the blow of the whistle, both seventh graders and the teachers fought to win the title of the dodge ball champions!  One teacher flew himself across the pile of balls to give more to his team. Some of the seventh graders got shy, and backed against the wall.  Most of the seventh graders such as Dylan Falcone, Connor Eberly, Angelina Bill, and Julianna Ruhf played hard and ended up getting some of the best teachers out.

 Let’s be real and say that ALL the teachers played rough. The teachers won all the rounds played.  All of the teachers and students played really well.  We appreciate all your hard work and for your participation in the Dodge Hunger campaign!  Not only was this game for fun, but it was for a cause. The cause is the hungry kids out there that we can help by getting food for the malnourished people. If it wasn’t for you eighth, seventh, and six graders, no one would be where they are now.  Thank you so much!