Trends of 2017


Yesvi Patel, Staff Writer

Trends are the kind of things that you think are cool while they’re happening, but then when you look back at them, you’re like, “Why did ANYONE ever think that was COOL?” It’s fair to say, that a lot of the trends came from 2017. Sit back and relax, and prepare to listen to these trends that, believe it or not, we thought were cool.

One trend we can look back on is fidget spinners. Fidget spinners were basically toys that spin. They came in cool colors and patterns to make them look more appealing. Fidget spinners were so popular that students at their schools sold the spinners for twice as much as they bought them for! Talk about markup these days!

Another trend that happened in 2017 is slime. Yes, slime was a big trend of 2017 because it is satisfying– kids used it as a stress reliever to make, and play with.  Like fidget spinners, slime was also sold at school. There were many different kinds of slime: fluffy, floam, butter, cloud…you get the point.

Another big trend that 2017 brought was the saying, “Cash me ousside howbow dah?” over and over again. This catchphrase started from the Dr. Phil show and has became very popular ever since. The catchphrase soon became a song with over 36 million views!

All in all, 2017 brought many funny (even pointless) trends. I´m curious to see what 2018 brings, and the years in the future. Hopefully the trends in the future aren´t as cringy and dumb as the trends from 2017. Unlike fidget spinners, slime, and catchphrases with zero correct grammar, hopefully the next trend will be more useful!