Flu Epidemic Of 2018

Aiden Peeke and Anthony Mortellite

We just experienced the most fatal and lethal flu season in the USA medical books!  Thousands of countless Americans died, many in less than a week. Why did this happen? And worse, how do you avoid it?

The flu can severely impact one’s health, and if not treated, can be a matter of death. But, what exactly is the flu?

The flu is virus can be transmitted through droplets in the air , like when someone with an infection coughs or sneezes. Inhaling the droplets or touching an infected object or surface is a way that may pick up these germs that cause the flu virus.

But, why are the effects so devastating at this time? Why is it so harmful? USA Today News correspondent, Meredith Newman, said: “Both A and B strains are circulating at the same exact time, when one usually dominates early in the season, with the other coming late. Also, flu vaccines are less effective then expected. And one of the strains of the flu, H3N2, is particularly virulent, making people sicker and sometimes causing an intense reaction from the bodies immune system.”

The signs of the flu can be a runny nose, cough, body aches, extremely high fever and sore throat. To overcome the flu, make sure to keep your body nice and healthy. To do this, wash your hands often, eat vegetables and fruits, and be sure to get enough sleep each night. Also, to prevent others from getting the flu, make sure not to share drinks, straws, or food. Taking these preventative measures helps people avoid the flu!Image result for flu season