The Life of Obie Bermudez

Lili DeJesus, Staff Writer

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A Puerto Rican singer and Grammy award winner, Obie Bermudez, has a life filled with remarkable events.  At first, Bermudez began dreaming himself as a singer around age 8. He started watching music videos which inspired him to become a singer.  When Bermudez became a professional singer, at the age of 21, he wrote most of his songs about the day to day life and love. “I like to tell stories when I write songs.”  Bermudez shares.

Bermudez says that he likes to describe his tours as fun, musical and exciting.  As Bermudez is on tour, he said it’s always difficult to be away from his family while traveling.  “I do it for them,” Bermudez shares. The longest tour Bermudez has ever had was a month and a half!

Many people have to try a second time to get something they want– even Bermudez!  Bermudez performed his music to a studio but they did not accept his music originally. He eventually went to try a second time to find a studio that would accept his music.  Bermudez’s music led him to becoming a Grammy Award winner. He was chosen as a winner out of some of the most famous singers, including Marc Anthony!  

Obie Bermudez can see himself writing music for movies in the future.  Bermudez sees himself still having a passion for music and singing in the future as well. Obie Bermudez suggests aspiring musicians to take vocal lessons and listen to music often.      


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