Fortnite Frenzy

Fortnite Frenzy

Aiden Peeke, Staff Writer

What is Fortnite?

What is this new game, and what is it all about? Fornite is told to have over 3.4 million users playing at one time, where you can play on X-box, Play station, and a computer. This game has two modes, the mode Save the World, where you alliance and face against the terrors of this new world. Or Battle Royal, where you compete against 100- where the last one standing…WINS!

 Save the World

Fortnite is set in the contemporary Earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm causes the worlds population to shrink. But- surviving the storm is only the beginning, as the zombie-like-creatures rise to attack the remainders. But- not just regular-slow-blaahhhh-zombies, but husks, pitchers, lobbers, midgets, husky husks, sploders, mist monsters, takers, flingers, mimics, blasters and more.

This game has up to four players, as they cooperate on various missions on randomly generated maps to collect resources, built forts around defensive objectives that are meant to help fight the storm and protect the survivors from the deadly strike invasions for the zombie-like-creatures. Construct weapons and traps to engage or defend your load from the waves of attacks of these virulent creatures.

Battle Royal

Battle Royal is quite different from,”save the world,” where it does not contain zombies and other monsters. You must collect resources like guns, grenades, traps, and smoke bombs as said before. This mode supports up too 100 players, either playing by four way squad, or solo. But either way, both attempt to to be the last man/ or team standing as they hunt for other players and avoid being killed themselves!

All players start with no equipment, except for a pick axe for resource gathering, like wood, stone or bricks, which later be used to construct structures. Once the players land, they can scavenge weapons, armor, and resources. Like in ,”save the world,” their is also a storm that surrounds the area, and makes so the safe zone shrinks down in size. Those caught outside the safe zone slowly lose health. With places like Titled Towers, Lucky Landing, Moisty Mire, Salty Springs, Haunted Hills, Loot Lake, Greasy Grove, Lonely Lodge, Wailing Woods, Junk Junction, and Shifty Shafts- make sure to always be alert- because anyone can be anywhere. This suspenseful game is jawing and addicting, so be prepared for an all night battle with this epic game and it’s two modes.