Hammonton Middle School Spirit Week

Sophia Pullia, Staff Writer

One week every HMS school year, school spirit comes to life. Spirit week is one of the best and most extraordinary adventures throughout the hallways and in the classroom. Spirit week features events such as, Disney vs. Marvel day, Crazy Hair day, Twin day, and Healthy Heart day.

Disney vs. Marvel Day

During Disney vs. Marvel day, students will get creative and wear something that is either disney or marvel. The two teams will go head on head throughout the day. According to most students, this is the best event out of the week. Whether you join Mickey and his gang or rise to the challenges with the Marvel squad, spirit week is so much more than just this.

Crazy Hair Day

During Crazy Hair day, the students meander through the school halls and classrooms with the most crazy hairstyles. Students love showing off their phenomenal hair styles. Nothing could be make spirit week better than walking through the school with your unique hairdo! As you can see this is one event that puts spirit week at the top of the Hammonton Middle School.

Twin Day

During Twin day, students go as a duo or group and show their friendship towards each other. This event is very fun-filled because the students get to become closer with their friends and other classmates. In doing this, many people favor looking at what other people wear to represent their true friendship. To sum it up, spirit week wouldn’t be spirit week without this event.

Healthy Heart Day

During this event, the students will get active! Students will participate and wear active gear to show their healthy hearts. I personally enjoy this day because I believe all students should have the opportunity to get active. This day tops spirit week off because not everyone gets the chance to get active, so why not start in school. As you can see Healthy Heart day is an exquisite day during spirit week.

In conclusion, spirit week is one amiable week during the school year. Image result for hammonton middle school logo