The Newest Trend Being Banned


Isabella Rivera, Staff Writer

The newest trend has just hit HMS: Fidget Spinners! This new trend is both a calming stress reliever, as well as an addicting toy. Many kids at HMS now own a fidget spinner, and some even bring them to school. But teachers aren’t too happy about it. Teachers call fidget spinners, “A distraction that should not be brought into class.” Due to this, Mr. Clements, Hammonton Middle School’s Vice Principal, has sent an email to all teachers stating that “Any spinners caught in class are to first be asked to be put away. If student refuses, the spinner will be taken away. If student still refuses, an office referral will be given.” Now, fidget spinners are only allowed during recess and lunch periods. The newest trend showed up and left in only a matter of minutes.

I, the owner of a fidget spinner, wanted to get the view on the issue from students.  I interviewed student Myla Domazet, a sixth grader, on her thoughts about the fidget spinner banning. Her answer was, “First, they should be banned because kids use them in class under their desks. It is very distracting in class. It is used to help autistic kids to help with ADHD and ADA.” After asking if she owned a spinner, her answer was no.

Everyone has a different view on the banning of Fidget Spinners. Even though they were banned from class, they are still allowed during recess and lunch periods. What are your thoughts on the banning? Do you think it’s fair?