Let the Creativity Flow

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There are many ways to “let your creativity flow” at HMS! Some of the clubs that are currently available at HMS include: Fantasy Football, Math, Kindle, Music Technology, TV/ Media, Photo, Robotics, Swagr, and Video Game Design Academies. Clubs started here at HMS in 2014 and have been a big part of our school since!

Sofia Grasso, is a sixth grader, who is currently participating in Drama. Sofia thinks that clubs in our school are important because, “it’s important to be a part of something at your school.” She thinks “great” because “you can express your feelings and meet new people.” Sofia is definitely making our school a more creative place!

Yesvi Patel is also a sixth grader who is participating in Journalism Academy. When asked, “Why do you think it’s important to participate in a club?”, she responded, saying, “It’s fun because you get to hang with your friends and express your creativity.” She also thinks, “Journalism is important because you get to write about, and share facts about our school.”

Mrs. Walsh is an eighth grade teacher, who is also the Journalism Club advisor. Mrs. Walsh said she chose to be a Journalism teacher because, “I love getting news and facts to the people and the students.” She has been a club teacher for 3 years and, “loves working with kids outside of school hours who are interested.” Mrs. Walsh also stated that she thought it was important for kids to express themselves creatively because, “its helps with the learning process and shows that you are able to process things differently.”

In conclusion, HMS clubs can definitely help “the creativity flow”. If you are interested in any of the clubs listed above, you should definitely think about joining. Hey, let’s be the generation known for creativity!

Thank you to Yesvi and Sofia! Keep on spreading creativity and don’t stop doing what’re doing!

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