Atlantic County Animal Shelter

Karly Grady, Staff Writer

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Wouldn’t you love coming home everyday to a dog or cats company? If so, The Atlantic County Animal Shelter has exactly what you’re looking for! The Atlantic County Animal Shelter was developed in 1995 as a response to the needs of the municipalities for an regional animal control facility.

The local animal shelter takes in animals such as dogs and cats, so if you’re looking into adopting a dog or cat, you know where to go! To adopt an animal you must visit the shelter in person and provide detailed information and documentation about the home environment the animal will be exposed to and your lifestyle.

Two goals of the shelters are to reunite lost pets with their owners and find the animals good homes. According to Kathy Kelsey, Atlantic County Animal Shelter manager, an average of eight animals are adopted daily. The maximum amount of animals they can house in the facility are three-hundred and fifty animals. The local animal shelter is nearby in Pleasantville. If you’re looking to adopt instead of shop for a pet, the Atlantic County Animal Shelter has what you need!

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Atlantic County Animal Shelter