How’s Old Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

Cynthia Oriol, Staff Writer

Halloween began with the a Christian Celtic festival that was called Samhain. This festival was celebrated on October 31st. The Celts were alive 2,000 years ago, and believed the dead would return to Earth. This holiday has celebrated for over 2,000 years on the same exact date.

Little kids love to walk, say, “Trick or Treat”, and collect candy as they walk to their next house. It’s only for one day but some people think it’s silly to dress up.  For me, this year me and my nineteen year old sister went trick or treating. I was a Countess of Darkness and my older sister dressed up as a cat.

Trick or treating is a night where people can go out at night, get candy to eat with your friends, and have fun. Alizabeth White, an 8th grader at HMS, stated, “At least 14 or 15 you should stop [dressing up] because some people just want to stop and it’s their decision.” In ways it’s a personal decision about when to stop going Trick-or-Treating Some people think you are never to old to go trick or treating.Image result for photo of halloween

When else can we ever dress up and be different? If you do listen to what people do say, then things won’t end up good. But what people don’t realize is that those words will get people thinking, “Am I too old?” “Is it a bad decision to trick-or-treat?” and “Should I do what they say even though I’ll feel disappointed to not get to enjoy myself trick-or-treating?”

Sometimes people will say things and sometimes you will listen. Remember that trick-or-treating is your decision to make. Some will argue you’re too old and the other side might say you’re not. Halloween is a fun time where no one has to know who you are and you can lose your identity and you be in a costume that makes you be you. Halloween will always be a time where you can dress up and have fun with your friends, and collect some free candy. Trick or treat!