The Night of My Life


Meeting Shawn Mendes at The Mann Center.

My mom told me we had somewhere to be, that I needed to be ready. So I did, I dressed myself and said goodbye to my friends and walked out the door. My mom turned on my favorite singer in the car, making my ears dance in joy. I didn’t think much of it; I dressed nicely as my mom asked, prepared for extremely hot weather. Where ever our destination was going to be, it was taking awfully awhile to be “going to a picnic.” Earlier I had asked my dad if he knew where I was going and he gave me a broad ‘no.’ My mom finally arrived to the place we needed to be, and outside the parking lot was a person wearing a yellow jacket and an orange stick, waving my mom into a parking spot. I raised an eyebrow as I looked around the parking lot seeing loads of teenage girls wearing nice clothes and loads of make-up. They looked like nice as if they were meeting someone special.


I pulled myself out of the car, letting my feet touch the ground, the heat immediately hitting my face. My mom waved me in the front of the building named, ´The Mann Center.’ I looked at the sign, not paying attention to my mom talking to the lady on the other side of the glass barrier. I looked around, still curious on where we were and why. I found my feet walking to a huge line of girls, making me extremely more confused on where we were at. My mom pulled out of her phone and turned it to me with a huge grin on her face and said, “Guess who you’re seeing? Shawn Mendes..” I blinked at her and felt a huge smile across my face. I’ve never felt happier to see someone in my life. I let out a few tears of joy and screamed happily. We made our way to the long line of girls with their mothers fanning themselves off from the unbearable heat. “Platinum! Anybody with platinum front of the line!” Platinum? My mom grabbed my arm and pulled me to the front of the line. I raised an eyebrow as I stood in the front of the line calmly and silently, questions coming to my mind. A lady handed us a VIP band and sent us to a room. I followed closely behind, beyond confused.

The room had decorations of Shawn’s items and past guitars. It seemed almost like a mini museum. Still confused, I followed my mom and a security guard behind a curtain. “Whenever you are ready,” the man spoke and pointed behind the curtain. I stepped behind the curtain and there he was… Stepping forward, I felt like I was going to cry once again. He smiled and hugged me tight, “Hi! What’s your name?” he asked with one of the most trustful smiles.

“My name is Laura..” I went on and ranted and the real Shawn Mendes watched in awe. It was absolutely amazing. Don’t even bother to get me started on the concert. After the very very heart whelming meet and greet, we went to the stadium and sat in the very first row closest to the stage and waited. Very front and center we sat. I still didn’t know why we were sitting so close; I heard chatter from people around that the concert started at 7 and it was only 4. I patiently sat next to my mom as I checked my phone and scanned through the pictures and videos I took with him. I heard faint screams throughout the crowd until the screams became loud enough to look up. When I raised my head, I saw Shawn walk out with his guitar and a bright smile. I rose to my feet and got ready to enjoy the surprise soundcheck.

After the soundcheck, my night went by in a flash. I sang each song proudly and watched in amazement, seeing Shawn in front of me, directly in front of me. Sometimes I let out a few tears, but that was alright because the music reminded me of everything I’ve ever sang to. August 16th was truly, the night of my life.