Into the Woods: Movie Review


Julia Sulzner, Staff Writer

Beware! The woods is a dangerous place! Into the Woods is a huge hit in many theaters across the country. Into the Woods is a spin on fairytale classics and it brings laughter, enjoyment, and lots of singing. Here’s a basic overview on the story: there once were many classic names living in the same town, such as: Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Baker, and Cinderella. How are they all alike, you might ask: they all have wishes. Jack’s mother wishes to have more money and a better life, and Jack wishes for his cow, Milky Way, to produce some milk for food. Little Riding Hood wishes to have some treats for her grandmother. The Bakers wishes to have a child,  and Cinderella wishes to go to the King’s Festival. They all have a wanting desire for something, and everything changes when there is a knock on the door….a witch comes upon the Bakers and says to bring her the following items: a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, a cow as white as milk, a slipper as pure as gold. When they bring these items by the third day at midnight, the curse of the Bakers failing to have children shall be reversed. Without a doubt, they are eager to search for the items, which brings all of the characters together.

In most of the fairytale classics that we grew up with, everybody lives happily ever after. Cinderella gets the prince of her dreams, Jack and his family are rich and Jack is considered a legend killing the giant, and so forth. But that is not the ending to this fairytale. Through a series of dreadful events and scenes with shocking twists, this movie will have you thinking the same thing over and over again: be careful what you wish for!