More Than Just Baseball: A Movie Review


Laura Herman

Four bases, three outs, two teams, but only one will win. Jack Sanders is a star baseball player along with his two friends Austin and Frankie. Jack’s future was set for him and he’s on his way to State, a baseball college where he will soon be going to become a star baseball player. Frankie was going to skip college in order to help his father and brothers at the scrap yard and to earn himself some money. Austin was going to carry on his father’s baseball batting cage store.

These three friends were known as ‘the outfield’. They were unbeatable, but their futures were thrown in limbo when a new art teacher discovers Jack’s talent of art. She believes Jack should attend Cal Arts, an amazing art school, but everyone turns on Jack for even thinking about attending. Frankie’s future was then thrown off course when he meets a well educated girl, who’s planning to go to college. Her father believes that Frankie is a distraction and gives him an opportunity to go to Wesley, a college for baseball players. Frankie then reconsiders his future when the girls father explains that he’ll play for Frankie to go college if he breaks up with his daughter. Everyone soon has decisions to make.

Movie critics believe this is an outstanding movie–rating it four out of five stars, but I bet you can’t guess where this movie was started. Vine. Once again the six second video app is making big futures for everyone. The main stars of the movie are what people call “Viners”. They make six second videos that entertain people. Jack Sanders is played by popular Viner, Nash Grier. Cameron Dallas , another popular Viner, plays Frankie in the movie. Characters like Austin and Kelsey appear on Disney shows, “Liv and Maddie” and “Kirby Buckets”. Austin is played by Disney star Joey Bragg, and Kelsey is played by Disney star Olivia Stuck. It amazes me that people such as Viners make it big and earn great success from making six second videos on an app. In six seconds these people are able to entertain millions of people. This movie has had great success and I believe that it’s an amazing movie. I highly recommend it; get your snacks and drinks ready, and I’ll set up the movie!